Saturday, May 14, 2016

Property & Person Inspection + Ad Hoc Digital Surveilance to combat TERRORISM? NOPE. IT'S ALL ABOUT DRUGS, TAX EVASION, AND INSIDER TRADING.

I've seen attention to two subjects (outside of the election) gaining speed of late:
1. The FBI v. Apple encryption and privacy conflict.
2. The pharmaceutical opioid addiction problem.

When is someone gonna stand up and state the issues that are really at hand, that no one has the guts to approach head on...
The law enforcement and investigative powers that have been enhanced in the name of the War on Terrorism have very little to do with combating any credible terrorist threat. Homeland security is the trojan horse that is enabling law enforcement to do all the things it has always wanted to do while combating drugs & money, but could never do because that pesky Constitution kept getting in the way.

Thanks to the nationwide airport security funding explosion after 9/11 and the associated (random) body and baggage searches have almost shut down the coke, heroin, and meth that was zipping around the country in our "friendly skies".  They've been trying to initiate these unconstitutional practices to disrupt the drug trade since the 70's - People wouldn't go for it.  The Gov't has been at war with illicit drugs, not the population. Americans like their various vices.  No way were people going to agree to let security violate their rights and risk a trafficking charge because the fat lady found a 1/16 of weed in an end compartment of my carryon - which she was tearing apart,  inch by inch, in order to make sure my hair dryer wasn't actually a Taliban I.E.D.    REALLY, It's all about terrorists, not the billions of dollars that controlling the illicit drug market would bring our clandestine  projects and the local pig departments. Fuck law enforcement.  When has involving metro ever improved a situation in your life?
    A metro anecdote:  I found a would be thief in my house, passed out on my couch.  I called Metro.  They arrested him on existing warrants.  Nothing ever came of what was missing from my house or any other connection to me or my home.  That's understandable though...  It's not like I caught the guy IN MY HOUSE, PASSED OUT ON MY COUCH or anything...
OK, so the allowances in privacy loss combating terror were a big boost and driven by the war on drugs... Next - big $$$

The surveilance issue is on the one side a drug thing, on the other, it's the elites of America watching their ASS. Why is Apple so staunchly combating the FBI when they're just building evidence on terrorists?  Well the data access at issue is a big deal among the millionaires and up class.  If authorities could access financial data and communication under the guise of the war on terror, the gov't would likely get the super inside track on how the rich are beating the tax code and manipulating stock gains. An email by Trump, cluing in the Kardashians on a new tax loophole might actually cause a problem.  Along with tax evasion, Wall Street traders would have their inside discussions put on parade for America.  It's a lot earsier for my hedge fund to show amazing returns if I know what products are coming down the pipeline, as well as what manufacturers will be used by the factories that will be assembling the products.  Yeah, it might fall under "insider trading"  ?  Might... THAT'S WHY PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO PEOPLE OTHER THAN DRUG DEALERS.


Understand This POINT: Just because a surveillance operation is illegal, it doesn't mean it's not worth doing.  Sure, the evidence directly gained is of no use in prosecution, but the infomation gained can be used to direct the nature of legal, sanctioned investigation.  Unsanctioned surveillance and investigations do wonders for law enforcement's "intuition".  Our ability to be unique is almost gone completely.  You just don't realize the magnitude of life options being hidden and denied you.  

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