Friday, April 15, 2016

The Capitalist Paradigm we live in is Preventing the Social Progress of Humanity.

The capitalist paradigm in which we live asserts powerful influence and control of our behavior and thought. It limits our ability to conceive of alternative approaches to life by establishing unspoken assumptions and values as universal truths.  The most limiting concept is that of a right private property and the inport and value of that right. Bullshit. If working cooperatively rather than competitively, private property becomes unnecessary. If assertion of power over others is seen as vulgar and petty, uplifting those around you stops being a possible weakness and becomes natural. Money becomes an obsolete concept. Fairness is part of the social fabric and trade becomes absurd. You simply give all you can and ask for what you need, creative expression would take the place of symbols of wealth as the dominant value. But any possibility of positive social evolution for humanity is impossible due to our refusal to acknowledge and challenge the capitalist paradigm.

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