Sunday, April 10, 2016


 A pillar of the following essay (like a Mexican) highlights a largely ignored point that is very much the same as that made by atheists, except that many atheists end up pierced by the spear, right along with the theists they think are so irrational.

In a nut shell, the concept that any consciousness or an "I" exists that performs functions independent of the DNA that determines the form and function of every other single cell of our being, is as soundly supported by scientific evidence as a belief in God. It isn't popular to argue against the existence of free will, but I'm suspecting we may just be, nothing more than remarkably complex and sophisticated, organic chemical reactions...

It just occurred to me that there is an unstated assumption, which when removed, allows simple cause/effect mechanisms to easily explain how DNA coding manifests innate, overt, and meaningful behaviors...

We assume that our self-awareness and freewill are not simply mental manifestations to enable sophisticated integrations & manipulations of, as well as responses too the vast, complex array of sensory input. Meaning that our perceived independent self-determination is just an illusion. It is entirely possible that all living things, from amoebas to humans are nothing more than chemical reactions of varying complexity.
Many people counter this dismissal of the power of their conscious mind by stating, "No way. I continuously make decisions based on conscious thoughts, which by their plain existence, disallow this theory. However, the reasoning ignores the core mechanism of the theory: the perception of having consciousness does not require consciousness to exist as a component of reality. The theory posits that the perception of consciousness is just a behavior management, simplification mechanism, whose purpose is to speed the manifestation of actions and reactions. This is accomplished by summarizing the total of all behaviors into groups, organized in patterns.
That we believe there is a controlling "I" beyond our DNA is a side effect of what is simply an incredible means of eliciting magnificently adaptable and precise behaviors.
To claim the complexity of our mental processes makes the theory implausible to the point of irrelevance is not logical. Look at the unimaginable amount of precision, adaptation, and evolution evidenced by our physical bodies. If you consider the time required for a small fish to evolve into a human being, it is reasonable to assume the behavior control systems in the brain would be evolving more and more complex, sophisticated, flexible, and effective behavior guidance mechanisms.
Really, the consciousness we perceive is a tiny portion of the awe inspiring behavior guidance system that has evolved in humans. The overwhelming majority of our bodies' activity autonomic and automatic (via habit). The mechanism that produces the illusion of self beyond our physical organism is the innovative edge of our evolution. It is s brilliant solution to the limits of adaptability and sophistication that life encountered utilizing only long-form DNA behavior guidance.  We inflate the significance of this unique side effect of a tiny part of our or any being's behavior guidance system, to the point that we think is exists independently of the whole system.

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