Friday, July 17, 2015


Are you an individual of considerable, self sustaining wealth? Well if so, this is written to you, even if you're an insufferable prick:

I just had an awesome, theist style, epiphany revealing God's certain non-existence. Wow. This is a new experience/perspective on things...   To have the ecstatic rush of Devine revelation within the universe of reason. I hope I can't put this into the right words...

The incomprehensibly small distinction between zero and the probability of this and EVERY moment's exact configuration of the universe, to manifest as a component of a being's (mine) conscious experience - if it was the result of any amount of purposeful effort - it would
be an act of such magnificent and profound, pointless and mundane banality that a divine origin is necessarily - by conceptual definition - RULED OUT.  --  THIS in turn, for PRECISELY th SAME reason, and repeating on to infinity is Incontrovertible PROOF that there is NO God nor god(s).
If that's not worthy of a monthly stipend of a few thousand bucks, so I can focus on being a great Dad, then fuck off.

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