Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Good News: I sniffed out another sociopath in my life. The Bad News: I sniffed out another sociopath in my life.

I think I've fully removed the first sociopathic tumor successfully; so long as the grades are curved.  There's a certain amount of permanence in that she's the mother of both my children.  Although, she's kind of dropped out of their lives since her visits must be supervised and she can no longer use them very effectively.

New topic, don't wanna go there today...

The new one finally hit the tipping point on the evidence accumulation scale.  I'm definitely most irritated by the power and control games that sociopaths play - regardless of whether you play or not.  They're just pricks.  Always try to get over on you.  Always make your life more difficult than necessary.  Behave in such a way, so as to spell out that they were DEFINITELY NOT concerned with your best interests.

If you don't compete in their pointless competition, you end up just getting walked on and mistreated.  If your self-esteem is solid and you can ignore the slights and insults, this state may be tolerable.  But if you engage them in their nonsense, you'd better look out...   because they will lash out with some real ferocity.  And totally over the top, to be sure.  Whatever offense they choose to accuse you of as their fresh attack, you can be certain that it will be whatever mean spirited thing they most often do to you.

What's worse, is that when they choose to be, they are so fucking charming!!!  They'll subtly stroke your ego just right, and really make you feel special.  All of it comes off as so genuine.  It's pretty scary if you really think about it.

Oh yeah... all the ones I've met in my 45 years are "Christians of Convenience" and dealing with that makes me feel like jumping off a cliff (because it would be so much easier than life in prison after murdering them).  The bold faced insincerity and lies are beyond belief.  They pair up Christian righteousness with their vicious attack mode and they will make you miserable.  The reason it works is because they have no qualms about being cruel on a level that simply doesn't occur to a normal, empathetic person.

Ugh... the blinding charisma!  Fuck 'em.  I was a few decisions away from becoming a sociopath myself.  Fortunately, LSD revealed a better way to live, just in time.  As a result, I'm pretty well versed in their games and have no problem being shockingly ruthless when dealing with a sociopath.  The thing about sociopaths is that they play a short sighted game.  What they don't realize is that I'll walk away and not come back.  Many years will pass. They'll barely even remember I existed. They'll come strolling around a corner on a warm, sunny day... and get blindsided by a Louisville Slugger.  I'm a soft, gullible, push-over and a pussy. I quickly forgive relatively honest and decent people.  Contrary to popular belief, I don't forgive sociopaths, and I don't forget people purposefully doing me or my family wrong.  Ever.

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