Saturday, November 09, 2013

Why Am I Boiling with HATE for This Guy?

It was a very peculiar process i went through.  I went to this guy's YouTube post to see about this raft fucking guy.  On screen strolls this fat babyish lookin' guy that talks really weird?  He was a novelty for about 2 minutes.  Then it began...
His vocal inflections began to irritate me.  His exaggerated and warped facial expressions began to grate.  His whole tone, exaggerated inflections and expressions all grew more and more disingenuous and false.  By then end of his faggot-assed video, I was literally boiling over with hate for this piece of shit.  WHY????  What button is this guy pushing in me that makes me wish he were dead?

 Come on! I want to see some answers...

I've been struggling to get this video uploaded, so just in case I fail, here's a link to the original YouTube video...  Guy To Die Video

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