Sunday, November 10, 2013

The DIASPORA - Just another Jew hating event in history. Really?

Yes, the Diaspora.  Man, anti-Semitics are fucking relentless! In this story, our eternally oppressed Israelites/jews are DISPERSED through out the known world.  Decentralizing their culture and threatening their very existence!  REALLY?   REALLY REALLY???

The Diaspora --  The Dispersion.  Really?  You're sure of that? You were there?  Call me ignorant, but to my eye, DIASPORA  looks a lot more like Dia-spora than it does Dispersian.
Dia - spora would be "Day of spawning" or "Day of seeding".  As such, the event lends itself to one of two likely descriptions:  A voluntary move out from Israel by the Jews to spread their seed amongst the common folk - perhaps their gene pool was wearing a bit thin (i.e. mutations increasing, etc.)  OR, if it is associated with a day early in the year, it may have been a marker for the planting season in preparation for the coming spring.

DIASPORA - Dia-Spora or Dispersion?  I also just noticed Dispersian... Dis Persian - disrespect Persians? Be rude to Persians?  How rude is that?!?!

So, The Diaspora: Has it been spun to seem like more oppression instead of reproduction or infiltration?

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