Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Support" for technology and all other consumer goods should END NOW.

This whole notion of "24/7 Support" and so on, is doing damage and no one even realizes it.

Support is the function of bras and jocks.  It is what giant wooden beams do for ceilings and roofs.  It's what that stick does for the twig-like tree in your yard.  Support maintains a state of elevation that the object in question cannot maintain on its own.  The object in and of itself is insufficient and incapable of performing the duty you wish to assign it - whether that be for a boob to be perky or a roof to remain on a building rather than in it.

By using the term "support" for making expert assistance an available resource (well, they're supposed to be experts) to customers, you are subconsciously saying that the product doesn't stand on it's own;  that the product is insufficient and incapable of performing the job you wish it to do.

Someone might say, "Does not! You're an idiot."  "Support" doing double duty on its meaning is just one more thing clouding the waters and our minds.  Which leads me to:  Sure.  There are far worse linguistic conundrums hampering our brains, but they aren't costing your company nearly as much money as offering "support" does.

When support is removed, the object fails.  So don't support me.  Help or assist me.  Maybe even Teach me?  Or maybe we should go back to "Customer Service"?  After all, that is what "support" supplanted...

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