Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I don't just complain - credit where credit's due: Good Job Nevada Energy!

First off, I've recently complained that NV Energy's web site was substandard.   Well they didn't change the structure entirely (a VERY big job) BUT, they did change it's appearance and you know what?  It worked.  It really is much more pleasant to the eye.  Good job!

ALSO, I recently fell behind on my payments to the point of having my service shut off.  As always, they responsibly sent reminders as "D-Day" approached (thank you) and after an extra day's grace, they shut off my power.  Bummer.  My bad.  I scraped together and made the payment, finally at 10pm.  The site says service will be returned the next day.  Grrr... I'm thinking, "Why can't someone just flip the darn switch?"  Well, they can.  My power came on about 12:30am.  Sweet!  Thank you and good job Nevada Energy!!!

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