Friday, February 22, 2013

Holy 5hit!!! Who the Fuhk are YOU?!? An open letter to Judge G. Hardcastle, Clark County, NV, Family Court

Really? Who T F are YOU, Judge Hardasshole?  I'm the gaddam plaintiff!  I've been fighting for my right to be a Dad for FIVE shiddy years, proving myself to a reasonable and fair minded Judge Teuton.  Finally earning full custody 4 months ago.  Then you stroll in and with your 3 hours of experience with this case, decide you know everything there is to know and chuck Teuton's ruling (based on 5 years of experience) in the trash, set me back 5 years and give my kids to a proven, two time loser (as far as successful parenting). And you do so with a holier than thou, self-righteous air.  All but saying, "You are going to raise two drug addict kids." AS IF YOUR OWN DAUGHTER ISN'T A WHORING, TWEEKING, METH ADDICT.  So what the fuhk do you know?

Maybe drug habits are evidence of a deeper short coming in parenting than you can admit.  Maybe your inability to accept and understand your responsibility and failings is precisely what left the gaping hole in your daughter's life that meth so readily fills?  Maybe.  The point is, I don't know.  And neither do you.  So rather than making massive, growth stunting decisions based on stereotypes, assumptions, and villainization of illicit substances, perhaps some research into the individuals and history of the case at hand with an open mind might be warranted?  How about a DROP of humility?  After all, family attorneys pay $200 for a new judge when they see your name - More often than ANY other judge in the state.  Hmmm...

How is it that when I care for my kids, I receive no financial assistance.  Which is fine.  There are plenty of ways to be a good parent other than shelling out cash.  Of course Mom in this case doesn't do either, but whatever.  Now, when Mom has custody of the kids, suddenly she needs an extra $600 per month from me.  Kids just got way more expensive?  In many cases that's not much so I shouldn't bitch.  HOLD THE FUHK UP.  If someone makes $6000/month, yeah, $5400 is still a fair amount to live on. But the rule is actually 25%, so it's down to $4800.  Leaner for sure, but dude will survive. BUT if you make $3000/month and drop to $2400 per month.  That's gettin' tough.  Hmmm... $1000 mortgage, $250 electric, $150 phones, $100 gas/water, $100 net&tv...  I'm already down to $800 left and haven't done fuel, hope you don't smoke?, do you eat? or wear clothes? oil change? Ooooohh! Need brakes! You're sunk!  and don't even think about DOING something if you actually get to see your kids.  Whoever made up the 1 kid = 18% and 2 kids = 25%?  was making like $10,000 a month and could make it on $7000.  Not $3000 and dropping to $2100.  It's called relative impact. You people are idiots.

Fuck you Hardcastle.  Cause you give custody to Nana - the proud mother of two -> a "whatever I can get right now" addict (meth) and a heroin addict.  Both with emotional issues (not sure about the heroin addict...).  AND now the cost of kids goes up again!!! Nana needs $950 a month to raise them. $200 from her daughter and... nope, not $600 anymore, $750 sounds good in Hardcastle's court.  In your 45 second assessment, you know better than the investigation of the Child Support Division.  And she doesn't need $600 like her daughter (I might have been able to afford $400 - double of Mom, but reasonable given limited income) But no, now the Custodian needs $950.  Funny how the previous 4 months I didn't need a fukin penny, but overnight, $0 becomes $950.  I am in my 2nd loan modification.  I haven't been able to pay my mortgage in 6 months.  The bank is helping me out, I'm in the critical trial period and you slap a new $750 a month bill on me like it's reasonable.  Fuck you.  Especially when I have been providing a wonderful home for my kids, and am capable, ready, and willing to continue to do so for the next 14 years.  No, this is better, give the kids to a proven shitty parent, not the loving father with the Psy. MA degree, that works at home so he can be the great Dad he is.

It's retarded to fling bovine insults like "Fuck you." and what not.  ...Maybe I am retarded...  and you're a piece of shit.  See you after my appeal, dick.

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  1. I'm sorry Eric. That's fucking ridiculous!!!! What a douche