Friday, February 01, 2013

Cultural Faillure: Immediacy being used as an excuse for poor Accuracy

I am speaking in the most general terms.  This is an occurance in every American's (maybe "Human's") life, nearly every hour, of everyday, and we don't even notice.  This is using Immediacy as an excuse for poor Accuracy.  i.e. doing a poor job in the name of getting the job done quicker (or often, "at all".)  This issue is not just a labor type matter.  It is pervasive throughout every aspect of our lives. 

Communication is a prime example.  Look at our speech and language.  So many people are just too lazy to bother with basic enunciation of their words.  Over time, as hard consanants fade away,  common phrases mutate into colloquialisms, making communication between persons outside the local community more and more difficult.  Literacy is also a contributor to the enunciation problem.  When a person doesn't know how to read and spell, they have no reference for the words they hear and learn from other people's speech.  Relying exclusively on hearing to decipher communications makes for countless errors and misunderstandings, which if common enough, make their way into the language, further reducing the accuracy of language.  For example, look at the difficulty encountered when saying individual letters over the telephone.  The point is, "Accuracy precludes Immediacy."

Case in point - This article.  I'm rushing just to get it done.  So it's not as engaging and thought provoking as it could be.  If you've made it this far, I'm lucky.  But if I just took some more time and did it right, I'd have more repeat readers.  Oh well, fumble...  try again...  Cheers.

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