Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Life is the Dynamic, Creative Edge of Reality; Revisited.

 Wingin' this one a bit.  Work with me...

The nature of reality is guided by the amount of mental energy directed toward given, but broadly defined thoughts/concepts.  This is unlike the actual content of reality, while in accordance with the dominant thought/concepts, is not under our specific determination.

It has been said that we attract what we fear.
While this often appears true, were it so, there would be many more snakes in our cities

The specific content of reality is dictated by a process or intelligence beyond our immediate awareness.  However, the general emotional experience that results from the content ultimately realized is predicated by the mental energy we place into broad concepts and expectations - whether they be fear or love inspired.

We appear to attract our fears because of our societal predisposition towards worry and grave concern.  Thusly, such experiential outcomes receive the energy necessary to command "the outer force" to manifest actual content to bring about the energized general experience.  Hence the social predisposition for focusing on fears manifests a reality in accord with the emotional expectation
The events of 9/11/2001 presents an intriguing backdrop for consideration of this model...

Sum:  We dictate the general nature of the future and reality, but the actual path taken is decided elsewhere.

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