Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Expose The Hidden Kings Of Corporate Ripoffs And Greed

Zoom just below and right of center and you'll see my worthless record of one of the three 'alien spaceship' type sitings I had that year.  But this has NOTHING to do with my actual post...
That's right, they sit around f'ing us every day, all across the country and we just look the other way.  Even if we notice for a second, we quickly shove it to the back of our minds and pretend it isn't possible.  So, who are these evil swines??????  Paper plate manufacturers.  Every other plate sticking seamlessly to the one above it is NOT an unfortunate, unavoidable part of the proper manufacturing procedure.  It's fucking bullshit is what it is.  It's corporate America preying on the retarded citizens of our society.  75% of paper plate users never even notice that they are using 2 plates EVERY time they think they're using only one, thus burning through their supply twice as fast, but the packaging sizes are large enough that the proper length of time a bag should last is indiscernible.  So, for however long, 40? 50? 60? more? years, these corporate assholes have basically doubled their sales & profits by blatantly hustling their consumers.  And nobody gives a flying fuck.  As usual.  Americans are fags.  Alright, to be fair...  MOST  Americans are fags.  If you live near a paper plate manufacturing plant, do me a favor and burn it down. Fuck.

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