Friday, September 21, 2012

The Innocence of Muslims - Really? Is this the one? Really?

So apparently I'm going to have to cancel my vacation in Pakistan.  Also into the waste bin is my world tour of Islamic nations.  Shit.  Isn't it always the case?  So Muslims around the world are up in arms and have taken to the streets in protest of a 14 minute video on YouTube that in a word is...  retarded. Yes, if you bother to give it any significance whatsoever, yes it is blasphemous towards the Prophet Muhammad.  But it's a stupid D-movie?  And how did it somehow come to represent the U.S. and President Obama?  It certainly doesn't have anything to do with me and I suspect the pres wasn't involved or share the video's sentiments either.  So what the fuck?  It is my theory that persons were put in key places (possibly online?) to function as inciters.  I can't imagine this retarded video pissing off anyone as it is obviously just lame hating and not worth a second look.  It seems most likely that someone has made a successful effort to blow the significance of this video way out of proportion.  Wouldn't that be par for the course?  WW III, set off by a retarded 14 minute video on YouTube.  I must say though that the video did reinvigorate my desire to read the Koran.  Hopefully I can find the Cliff's Notes version.
Come on everybody, settle down. 
Don't get played like this.  Please.
If you want to know how dumb this movie is, consider:
a few minutes after making this post, I came back and took it down.  Why?  Because I started to think that the video was actually a spoof on a real film and was calling itself "The Innocence of Muslims" just to get more views.  So I went and double checked, and yes...  this dumbass video is the one being protested.   Someone really wants this Christian/Muslim or US/Mid-east war to get going.  Hopefully our middle eastern friends will get some education on the manipulative nature of the CIA and their black ops buddies. Anyway...  yeah...  retarded.

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