Saturday, September 22, 2012

HOLY _UCK! PROOF IT'S A FAKE PROPAGANDA SCAM!!!Muslim Innocence, Protests, CIA, Illuminati, CNN

When I originally posted this I was still uncertain if this photo and others in the collection on CNN could really be fabricated. See my notations on the photo - especially about the guy on the left and the scattered "giants ". I've also found additional clear evidence of Photoshopping in the photo collection. I have no doubt that the story was at least greatly exaggerated if not completely fabricated.
Officially sanctioned lying is real. Yikes.
YOU CAN SEE THE VERTICAL LINES LEFT FROM THE PASTING/ EDITING, ALL ACROSS THE TOP SECTION OF THE PHOTO.  AND THIS IS FROM CNN!!!!This photo on CNN. (its a collection - scroll three >>'s to the right on the navigation controls for the preview line beneath the photo and it will be in the center.)
After writing my post yesterday(post), I followed a CNN link to photos of the "worldwide protests" against the United States.  At first it was somewhat moving.  These were some downright offended and angry Muslims.  Still, it was hard to understand why they were so pissed off and offended by a POS, 14 minute video that some jerk off posted on YouTube.  Then the light came on.  I remembered back to the images of Iraq and how after taking Baghdad the minimal local support was blown up into was was supposed to look like a massive population, angry at Saddam, but rejoicing their new freedom.  All lies and fabrications - fukin photoshop.  How were photoshopped pictures making onto CNN?  Then I also noticed that there were NO videos; only photos.  And when the pictures were of large masses of protesters, the resolution was always bad.  You could never read the protesters' signs - except two (out of 30 photos) and just those two were clear as day, "Down with USA" and another was insane, someone had photoshopped "MOVIE" (when it should have been "movies") onto a completely unrelated (and unreadable) "Anti-Stuff" poster.

So you probably see what I'm getting at by now.  It is possible AND probable that this NEW anti-us movement and the "worldwide protests", calling for the destruction of the US and President Obama ARE BULLSHIT.  There is no hard evidence to convince me that those photos on CNN are showing ANYTHING but actors and touched up stock photos.  It reminds me of the "coup" against Chavez in Venezuela.  There's one set of photos referred to as "Pakistani Lawyers Protesting"??? Huh?  Plus   the frickin video is just DUMB.  Theres NO reason for world wide outrage.  I'm not saying for sure, but I think this may be the lamest attempt a manipulation thus far...

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