Sunday, April 08, 2012

Only Gold Is Actually Gold, Silly.

I think the great hoax is going to be seen for what it is.  What is the great hoax?  It's the virtual world, the electronic world.  All of these things that we treat as real though they don't really exist.  I guess the majority of it is a creation of the banking industry.

I thought of this when looking at my virtual portfolio.  My virtual portfolio tracks my actual investments along with some I wish I could afford.  I suck.  I've lost most of my money across the board, yet my portfolio shows a profit.  Why? because of my investment (virtual) in the Spyder Gold Trust.  Considering further I thought, "Well, gold was the big winner STILL.  I wonder if it will keep it up. Probably the best way to weather the economic collapse..."  That's when it dawned on me.  When the collapse happens, the whole system goes.  It's like turning off a light switch.  My investment in gold doesn't exist unless I have the gold right here in my hand.  That goes for everyone.  You may have millions invested in gold in the stock market, but what if the stock market collapsed and just shut down; turned off it's computers for good.  Where's your investment then?

The US dollar is based on hope.  There's no vault holding the precious metals or jewels or anything that dollars represent.  When the awakening/collapse happens, currency will be worth the paper it's printed on...  nothing.  Your imaginary money in banks and investments will become what they are...  nothing. 

There is a difference between the real world and the virtual world.  The internet has and will continue to change the world.  But it's commercial purposes will perish.  Paypal, Visa, Am Ex, etc. Don't Exist.  Money doesn't exist, especially electronic money.

When properly highlighted data and a push of the delete key can vaporize every penny a person has, you have got to wonder about the true nature of that wealth.

You might want to go buy some gold bars...

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