Friday, March 23, 2012

the USUAL SUSPECTS - You STILL don't know the TRUTH!

That ending sure was a shocker the first time seeing the Usual Suspects.  Boy was I surprised when 17 years later, having seen the movie a million times, I discover that my fundamental understanding of the movie has been COMPLETELY wrong.  ...and yours is too...

Alright all you nit wits...

Roger "Verbal" Kint was NOT, I repeat, NOT Kaiser Soze.
Kobayashi, the lawyer, WAS Kaiser Soze.
Don't frikin start to argue with me and don't say, "I kinda thought that a little too..." Bullshit!  No you didn't.  You, just like everyone else, thought Verbal was Kaiser.  And now you're gonna have to admit that you have been wrong.  Here's why...

1. Soze was from the middle east.  He would have an accent.  Kobayashi had an accent, Verbal did not.

2. Keaton mentions in the holding tank that he'd met Verbal before in jail. Huh?  How did KAISER SOZE end up in jail previously?  Um, no.  Maybe Kaiser's lackey was in jail and happened to meet Keaton...  a bit more likely.

3. When Verbal ends up in jail, every string up to the governor is pulled to get him out.  Kaiser Soze is the one with those connects, not his lawyer.  Kaiser on the outside was pulling those strings to get his boy out.

4. When Kaiser kills Keaton, he's wearing a hat and a trench coat.  Verbal was not wearing a hat nor a trench coat.

5. Yes, the drawing that comes in on the fax machine looks like Verbal.  That's who the hungarian guy saw on the boat and thought was Kaiser Soze.  Of course Verbal went down to help on the boat.  Only one man knew what Kaiser looked like and he was executed behind that round window on the boat. This hungarian guy could have seen Santa Claus killing people (incl. his own men) and thought it was Kaiser Soze.  Furthermore, note that the description did not include a hat.

6. Why would Kaiser put himself at so much risk doing all those jobs, keeping his persona perfect, etc. etc.???   ...Only if he was retarded, which he clearly is not.

7. When Verbal kills the jeweler in the parking garage, he has a shocked blank look on his face.  Many interpret that as his "psycho" look.  No, he IS shocked he just had to kill someone.  Verbal is the guy who came up with the first plan just to avoid killing anybody.  Verbal's a thinker, not a killer.  Kaiser is a killer (and thinker) and wouldn't have been moved by killing the jeweler.  He wouldn't have stood there frozen - psycho look or shocked look - either way.  He would have just gone on with business.  Understand, he's a killer that could so easily ensure the deaths of all the guys in the crew, plus Keaton's girlfriend, the mexican dude (fuck, what's his name again???), non-chalantly brush off the murder of his two body guards in the elevator (and why does an attorney have two body guards??? I could see Soze having two body guards...), etc. etc.  Verbal-Roger-Whoever he is, cripple or not, is not a killer.

Kobayashi is Mr. Even Keel, Mr. Cool.  Sure his boy is good and apparently has a good grasp of this Verbal persona, but he isn't the Mastermind.
Anyway, I could continue with 5 or 6 more pieces of evidence (and I will if you really need it...), but what's here is sufficient and I have other things to do.

Man, that movie just keeps on giving and giving don't it?  How many years did it take me to figure this out?  17 years.  Wow.

Ya know, I'm a little bummed...  I liked Verbal as Kaiser.  I like Keven Spacey as Kaiser (more than Kobayashi's actor)  A little hard to let go of Verbal/Kaiser, but the truth is still the truth...


  1. In the end when Kujan's cup falls down, what does it say there? Yep, Kobayashi. And if you connect that with everything else that shows right after, one could assume that Kint got his lead villain with his cup of coffee he so desperately wanted before he started off his tale.

    What do you think of that?

  2. To Anonymous,
    I don't think we can assume that Kint's coffee cup came from the same manufacturer as Kujan's. I don't see how his desperation for coffee relates to coming up with a name for the lawyer of his tale?