Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If you're not a little nervous, you're not taking it far enough.

In times of greater prosperity than the present, I enjoy the hobby of making bumper stickers. This endeavor provided me with inspiration and pushed my mind to deeper and deeper levels of analysis. There is one concept which has shined above all though. It is somewhat metaphorical.
I would generally print stickers in groups of about 5, and for whatever individual reasons would print between 3 and 20 stickers of each design. I loved showing of my clever sayings and ideas. In a group of 5 there would generally be 1 that basically went too far about something, 3 that were entertaining but at most, were only slightly provocative. Then there was one that was just kinda lame. Every single time, that one sticker that was just too much, too controversial a view, on too sensitive a topic became the indisputable public favorite and within a year, the wild, shocking statement it made had become commonplace.
I have a similar saying in skiing: If you never fall when you ski, it doesn't mean you're good. It means you're not skiing hard enough.

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