Sunday, September 04, 2011

Well that "Fiction Remaining Fiction" was a whole lotta bullshit, that's for certain...

It's Sunday, Sept 4th. Well, last Monday (28th?) the vision(audio hallucination?) I'd been having and wrote about in my last post came to be reality. No Shit.

So, the event wasn't nearly as dramatic nor traumatic as the version I wrote and Lisa wasn't involved at all (too busy being in jail! lol) Basically, I was sitting in one of those extra low, pool-side chairs in the exact spot I had envisioned Lisa to be lounging. Leo was at the top of the steps of the pool and Ahlia was standing on the first step of the side steps of the pool. I was kind of day dreaming when I heard a rustling of the water. Ahlia had stepped off the step into the shallow end (may as well have been deep end as far as she was concerned) and flailing about under the water. Leo managed to get out, "Pa..." before I had lept in and scooped her up. She hadn't taken a lungfull of water or anything; a little bit of coughing and gasping as I held her. No crying, but she got a good scare out of it. On Wednesday I made sure we spent the day in the pool to minimize her aversion. She was noticibly more timid and far less daring around the water, but I think in time, she'll recover fully from the fright. Nonetheless pretty weird. I'm just glad it's over and I don't have to continue waiting to see if my vision was going to materialize. It did. We're all fine and thank god.

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