Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Wash. Post: Mexican drug cartels killing children

That's right. Drug crazed maniacs, running the streets in Mexico, brandishing their weapons, searching for children under 10 to kill as symbols of their evil hearts. That's right. Little children. ...Evil bastards. See! A Mexican gets a little bit of money and what does he do? He starts killing children. Yeah, I think it's best we just leave them in their cardboard boxes...
NO, YOU DUMBFUCKS! It's the only reasonable and humane course of action under the given circumstances. Think about it. Man and his wife are working for a cartel. DEA offers them a bunch of money to be informants. The get a bunch of guys killed and thrown in jail and eventually get discovered. So, appropriately, the cartel goes to their home and kills them. Since there was no time to get a baby sitter, the couple's 5 year old witnessed the murder of his parents. Needless to say, he was a bit bothered by the event. So what do you do? Let the kid stay there with his dead parents for a while and eventually grow up a massively scarred and emotionally damaged individual? No, you show a little mercy and responsibility and kill the kid too. The guys didn't enjoy killing the child. It was a nightmare for them no doubt. But it was the right thing to do and they "manned up" and did it. My condolences to all involved. Yuk. But news people: WISE UP!

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