Sunday, May 09, 2010

Greece is the Word, is the Word, that you Heard... It's got groove. It's got meaning.

The events in Greece are indeed important. However, they are not so because of their impact on the financial markets, or the Euro economy, or even our own economy. We need to be watching Greece closely because it is a test run of economic collapse and is a crystal ball into our own and in fact the whole world's future. There's large amounts of uncertainty when messing around with millions of human beings using dramatic circumstances and events. TPTB are trying to be sure they can end up where they want to be once they serve the final ball. Watch the events in Greece very closely.


  1. What mainly concerns me is not the lack of knowledge in this article ,as Greece is not a test run but a second try to run a failed economic plan, but the tags you are using in your article. You put the name of Greece among sex, pussy and fucking. That happens when a civilized race, respecting every kind of life, let cavemen come onto the surface.

    1. "a second try to run a failed economic plan"
      -what was the first try?
      -which economic plan? (there are numerous failures to choose from...)
      "...Greece among sex...cavemen..."
      -you left off:"and you try to reach the cavePEOPLE (lol) in order to educate them, so you tag your articles with the vulgar but most common search terms they are most likely to use in search engines and hope you reach one or two thoughtless numbskulls that otherwise would have just jerked off and got back to work...
      Think further Maria.
      ...or make a porn with me, I'm open minded...