Monday, April 12, 2010

You can't help it. Sex is gonna be sex.

Though I have a potentially powerful mathematical theory coming to fruition and waiting to be posted, I have a bit of more practical information everyone should probably know, but very few have ever really even considered.

Sex. Yes, it's about sex. So at least reading this will be worth the bother. You've probably at some point heard of sex being referred to as a type of communication. Maybe you've said it yourself. "It is a way of communicating our love..." or whatever. Along a similar vein (don't even go there), it is often said that you must communicate about sex and that the golden rule is indeed in effect while in the act. In other words, do like you want to be done. If you want it gentle and slow, be gentle and slow. If you want it rough, be rough. Communicate.

Great, Eric vomiting about communication again. But wait, here's the good part... Indeed, you are communicating via the golden rule, but I doubt you realize the depth of (I said don't go there) and WhAt you are actually communicating. Sex (I'm speaking traditionally - I'm not getting into the complexities of gaydom or anything "alternative") is a communication of what we want from our partner, but not just in the moment, but in Life. Sex is a physical manifestation of what we need from the opposite sex. The woman envelops the man, takes him in, shelters him and in a sense protects him. She is doing precisely what she needs her man to do for her in the rest of their life together. Conversely, the man goes inside the woman, into the center of her body, into the center of her. Men need their women to understand them. A man needs his woman to really know (just like the bible says) him. His woman needs to be the person that knows him on the inside and what really goes on in there. He his woman to take the initiative, open him up and then love the person that previously, only he knew - his true self.

Alright, so it's not Earth-shattering. Still, if you give it some consideration you'll find it is a different perspective and in a small way, you'll find it healthy and helpful...
...Happy fuckin'!

PS - Are you ready for the Earth-shattering... eMath!?!?!?!?

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