Sunday, December 03, 2006

yep, im starting to poop...

well, that's what all this writting is liek. i have MUCH to write about, but getting the flow going is the difficulty. so i gad a ghought that you go avter you "mother" and then your "father" as your oppoenents and see what happens. what the heck am i talking about... i need sleep.
i was thinking about the romans, greeks, and midaeval times and their govenments. it seems to me that we a re no better than them. i always cringed thinking of the peasants being taxed by the lord in his castle. now i realize, it's no different here now. our government is no different. if we dont pay, we are taken away and confined, if we dont follow their rules about how to live OUR lives, we are taken away and confined. and so on and so on.
we are being controled against our will by our own govenment. they do their best to keep it covert, ut its starting to leak pretty bad.i want amERICa back!

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