Saturday, December 02, 2006


CAPITALISM IS A PLAGUE. THEY HAVE EVERY right to be posting their advertisement blogs over and over nd over and over and over and over. and i have very ricght to be irritated by it. even here in what is suposed to be a new arena of free thoght, and sharing of ideas and communication in general, capitalism and the pursuit of wealth rears its ugly head., F.G.B. u know what it means.,..

building a fence between us and mexico is idiotic. canada and mexico in this supposed terorist world, MUST be our closest frinds. the second the mexican (president?) showed serious objection, our leaders (ugh) should have pulled back and thought for a minute.
one, this is jsut for show. a fence isnt gonna keep anyone out. 2. alright if we f up getting acreoos the border, you thing terrorkists might offer them assistence in crossing the border, or pay them to help? you think they're more likely to cooperate if we're being separatist assholes? you bet they are. FGB


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