Friday, November 03, 2006

This from a website i just encountered. I didnt write it, but i might have.

Edward R. Murrow said: ‘We should never confuse dissent with disloyalty.’

This is the country that created the AIDS virus and distributed it among the ‘disposable’ people. This is the country that blew up its own federal building in Oklahoma City and blamed it on a bogus fertilizer bomb. This is the country that conned the world by crashing its own CIA, remote-controlled planes into the WTC to begin a war for oil. FYI: The planes that struck the towers were not the ones that took off that day and a missile (not a passenger plane) hit the Pentagon. Please keep an open mind and try to see through the federal lies.

This writer told Scott Stevens, through e-mails, that it is not Russia or Japan doing all this horrible damage and creating these new Weather Wars. It is not just the United States that is to blame. The guilty parties are the ones who have ALWAYS caused needless chaos and wars: They are the Secret Societies. It is a global conspiracy; it is England and the Vatican; it is the richest and most powerful people on Earth behind the evil.

This is the country that is a proud member of a Secret World Government. We remain under the fascist rule of Britain and the Vatican (Church and State). Learn of Secret Societies. Break from the media programming that affects all of us like a disease. Go to controversial conspiracy-type websites and learn. Open your eyes. Read books that question the status quo. Learn of the secrets that have been kept from you. Discover the truth; you never will over the television news and documentaries. Research alternative sources of information.

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