Friday, November 03, 2006

Sir Lancelot of New Barbary Lane

is that a good title? I figure i must write. So i a writing. ... hmmm ... I've decided to run for president. Yes, president of the united states. did you just think, "this guy's an idiot." ,,, "or insane.". well, i may be both, but this decision is far more rational than you might think. i shall elaborate...
first, you will NEVER become president ifyou don't run. 99% of the time, i think i could probably do a better job than the buffoon who is currently in office (at any given time). therefore, shouldn't i run? Shouldn't i put my money where my mouth is?
not being the most experienced presidential candidate, i have limited my focus area (where i shall appear on the ballot) to specific ,key, markets - NEVADA. i figure for this first run, just getting on the ballot in Nevada will be a rather impressive success. not to mention it is a doable goal. the primary requirement is obtaining 5,000 signatures supporting my appearance, and voi la! (i don't know French) i'm on the ballot in '08. how great will that be!
from there, who knows. it wood of course be nice to become president in 2012. i think i shall call that my ideal goal - shooting for the stars if you will...

well shit... at least i wrote a bit....

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