Thursday, September 26, 2013


Just the sheer quantity of ads I (and I assume others) have been pummeled by while watching CNN videos has got to be showing positive results for your site and company (I've been a periodic user for over two years).  I think there may be two issues with your ads that are holding back the response from the market that will produce the long term customers I assume #Lumosity is seeking.

1. Unnatural hard selling of "neuroSCIENCE" and the "SCIENCE of neuroplasticity" (which spell check red-lines) makes me dubious of the product when my preexisting beliefs (and likely those of your ideal customers as well) had supported its validity, which was thereby assumed.   ...that is until you oversold "SCIENCE"; which not only makes me wary, but becomes insulting as it settles in that you were attempting to manipulate me.

2. Having your spokespeople (employees?) in contrived, "in the street" environments & clothing, deliver obviously scripted lines as if they were clients speaking in their own words is once again, a blatant attempt at manipulation further insulting the intelligence of the people most likely to maintain a long term paid account.

It is my belief that such low brow marketing techniques, while effective on the masses (eliciting impressive traffic, but primarily free and short term paid accounts which go un-renewed) will put off your prime market (above average intelligence & income).

...of course I may be completely wrong...

If this proves an accurate and valuable insight, just PayPal me half of what you paid the marketers responsible for the current hack job (PayPal to "posted by" name as one word at hotmail)  Cheers!

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