Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Don't you get it? USE YOUR BRAIN FOR ONE SECOND!!! How can so many millions still be fooled?

Religion is what a little guy thought of in order to make the big guy stop taking his stuff all the time.  DUH?!?!

Basically, the little guy told the big guy that there is an even BIGGER guy, that is invisible and sees everything you do, all the time, and when you die he'll either let you stay with him where everything is nice, or you get sent to the bad guy place where you'll suffer for eternity.  And the big guy BOUGHT IT!  Wow, that must of been one hell of a sales pitch.

Anyway, we ARE the BIGGER guy.  Religion and Gods and deities are retarded and obsolete.  Wake up people.  Did you see any clips of what nuclear weapons do?  Fuck God.  'Cause he doesn't exist.  This is your only chance at life, make it a good one.

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  1. Damn it! That's good shit! And you motherfuckers can't leave one comment pro or con?!?! Can't let me think for a single moment that anybody gives a flying fuck about a single word I type?!?! Bah! Fuck you. After figuring out that what appears to be "the divine plan" is actually just the organization resulting from gravity and waiting billions and billions of years, I experienced a liberation of the spirit. By realizing I don't have one, I felt my spirit go free! How fucked up is that? Anyway, I want to share this liberation, this freedom, and help other to shed the shackles of Religion and Spirituality. Yes, spirituality is no better that organized religion. There are no ghosts, spirits, goblins, demons, nor god, nor gods, nor deities, nor NOTHIN'!!! There's not even a you! So enjoy the accidental illusion and be the good person that you are. Smile at someone and say thank you to a stranger. Then shoot yourself in the fucking mouth you sissy!!! lol