Thursday, April 04, 2013

Precursor to There is No God. We are not different than amoebas just more complex.

(There is No God is the second post ahead...)

But we have spines and brains.  We are self-aware.
Those are just necessary developments enabling greater complexity.  It'd be pretty hard to get stuff done without a skeleton wouldn't you say?  Dealing with the intricate manipulation of fingers would be pretty tough without a brain, yeah?  As for self-awareness...
The mundane nature of self-awareness just dawned on me a few minutes ago and is why I'm writing this post.  Self-awareness is nothing but a side effect of increasing the magnitude and accuracy of sensory perception.  The sensory input received by an amoeba is pretty limited.  It is likely impossible for one to bend in such a way as to stimulate its own perception.  Plants are also similarly limited (with some exception, but sensory processing limitations are also a factor).  Then we move up the ladder to say, fish.  Again, bending in such a way as to stimulate its own sensory organs is difficult at best.  Reptiles - a little more self stimulating, but still very limited along with very limited processing.  Birds - a little more.  Mammals - quite a bit more.  In fact the move to mammals represents a huge step in life's ability to self stimulate.  Human beings are the most gifted self stimulators so far.  One might say we're the best jerk offs on the planet.  Hopefully, this perspective shows you how self-awareness is nothing more than a necessary element of self-stimulation and  exists in lesser or greater amounts depending on how much self-stimulation the organism is capable of and the amount of processing the organism is able to apply to the self generated stimulation. All animals have self-awareness at some level.  It doesn't amount to a fundamental difference, just variation in magnitude.  We're not different or better, just more complex i.e. It's just easier for us to masturbate.

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