Sunday, March 24, 2013

I've Had It With Advertising On CNN!!!

O.K. so I see a tag line in my daily news list from CNN that interests me.  I click to it.  It's a video.  Great! Don't have to read!  So they run a short ad that I usually can partially skip after a countdown.  Fine, everyone has to make their money.  Then the next video in the series associated with the first begins.  And....  another ad.  And the ads generally SUCK!  Really?  Before EVERY video?  Really?  It's not like you're ALREADY a billion dollar corporation or anything.  Do you really need to make even more money by subjecting us to MORE advertising than we endure every second of every day? I mean, before the first video, sure.  When we switch to a new set of videos, o.k..  But every frikin' one?  Ooops, my bad, I almost forgot...  Money Over Everything... sorry bro.

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