Friday, March 01, 2013

A Final Message to Gerald W. Hardcastle, Clark County Family Court, Las Vegas, Nevada

WELL GERRY, YOUR RULING THAT IN EFFECT DESTROYED MY LIFE HAS BEEN RULED AS VIOLATING MY RIGHTS AND REVERSED. The victory is a bit hollow given the years of harm we endured while appealing. Once I've repaired your damage, I'll take on forgiveness. Until then I can only carry my anger with me, try to neutralize its negative effects on me and hope you fall painfully ill - I'll leave a possible terminal outcome to fate.
Dear Mr. Gerald W. Hardcastle,
    I want to apologize for the base name calling in my previous two letters.  I don't take it back, but I do recognize the counter-productive effects and inappropriate nature.  It was a way for me to release my pain from the injustice your ruling caused.  I haven't seen my children in 2 weeks.  I call everyday but have been allowed to speak to them once.

    Funny how when I have had custody (for 1 year when Leo was 2 - custody which ironically, you granted me - and the last four months) there are no visitation disputes or problems.  I go out of my way to maintain my kids' relationship with their Mom.  As questionable as she is, she's still their Mom and they need her.  When in their Mom's care, getting to see my kids is like pulling teeth.  If she could find any reason to deny me time with my children, I didn't see them.  And now, what do you know?  When under their Grandmother's care, on rare occasion I can contact them on the phone and I can forget about actually seeing them.  Hmmm... just like when their Mom had custody.  Isn't that strange?  You think Grandma might have anger management issues too? 

On that note, it's one thing if their Mom spanks them.  They're her kids.  I respect her right to make that choice.  But no other person has the right to hit my children -- as I already know their Grandma does.  But then again, I have no authority over her actions or her treatment of my children.

  Understand, that the removal from our home is with no transition period whatsoever, after living with me for a year and a half.  For the last four months I have been with Ahlia every waking hour she had.  Except for when in school, I was with Leo every moment that he was awake as well (also except Mom visitation.)  My nanny has the easiest job in the world - she does nothing!  Because I don't need one - at least not a court ordered one (I would have one regardless of any order).  Then, poof!  Their father and home are ripped out of their lives completely.  Wow.   My poor children.  This isn't the first time the court has done this to my son either.

    Imagine your feelings and reaction if, when your daughter's meth addiction was discovered, the parenting police came and said, "Ah ha! You have proven yourself to be a failure as a father!"  and then they took your daughter away from you and took your parental authority and left you with nothing.  You'd be pretty upset wouldn't you?  You'd cry out about the insane injustice right?  Well that's what you have done to me, except I don't even get to fail or try or even more likely, succeed.

    So, I suggest you find a way to fix your error before the damage to my children becomes serious.  I say this because I have to find a fairly large amount of money before I can fix your mistake for you.


Eric C. Parslow

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