Thursday, February 07, 2013

Does your gut support Chris Dorner? (The Cop Killer in California, idiots)

Clearly, the killings are immoral and wrong.  But that's after we've applied reasoned morality to the events and situation.  What about before we give it any thought.  I may just be bitter or disillusioned, but before my mind puts in it's two cents, my gut roots for Dorner.  I'm not saying this is right or good, I'm just being honest.  Does anyone else have this type of simultaneous, contradicting reactions towards this GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!!!  lol but really, anyone else have the gut impulse to cheer for Dorner? or am I just a crazy sick fuck?


  1. I know what you mean, and I believe a lot of people can relate to being served injustice. Dorner seems like a man who believed in everything he was taught and represented. I think he was in an absolute state of disbelief every step of the way in his fight against corruption, only to find out how infectious it can be at many, many levels. Even his fellow officers knew he was right, but didn't want to stick their own necks out for him.

    I'm sorry for the loss of Monica Quan and her fiance who were innocent. The surviving former Captain Randy Quan must be devastated, which is what Dorner wanted. He had his life ripped to pieces by this one work-related incident, and tried every appeal, presenting irrefutable evidence, but was ineffectively represented by Quan.
    I'm really angry at the arrogant higher-ups in the LAPD who fostered the injustice that has now resulted in the loss of innocent life.

  2. There's no excuse for Dorner's killing people (particularly innocents), but one can appreciate the BS he has had to go through...the Courts (at the Superior Court level and Court of Appeals level) had the opportunity to fix LAPD's "mistakes" against Dorner, but in true form it seems they chose to ignore and manipulate the law and the facts to serve their own agendas (i.e. maintaining the status quo and eliminating any who opposes the status quo/inappropriate behavior, etc), in part because someone with power/connections decided they no longer wanted Dorner to be part of the LAPD (for reasons that seem unacceptable)....The Court's more often than not are unfortunately arent interested in justice,&often the law and facts dont dictate the outcome of the case, &instead the judges' politics, self preservation (i.e. keeping their high paying jobs), biases&prejudices dictate the outcome of the case...any good lawyer will tell you anyone can manipulate the law to justify anything, and unfortunately this happens far to often in our courts at all levels (from state court to the high court), because they think the average person can't fight them/the system,&b/c they think no one cares about the average person, particularly when the people in charge have the "right connections". Here's a link to CA Court of Appeals opinion re LAPD's internal disciplinary case against Dorner You can see the Courts ignored certain evidence (i.e. father's testimony that son was kicked), that should have vindicated Dorner....Hopefully one day we'ill be able expect that all people can expect&receive justice in our courts, since justice isnt just for the well connected&rich...this is America after all...Judge's shouldn't be able to hide behind judicial immunity&think they're untouchable b/c they know their colleagues will rarely find them guilty of bad behavior&that few people have time, money or knowledge to appeal to a higher court, which is also often futile...judicial immunity is meant for judges who make good faith mistakes, not for judges who intentionally&consistently ignore facts&law to serve their own agendas and biases.

  3. LAPD has been corrupt for years im with dorner i support him and although I dont support the killing i trully beleive in KARMA

  4. Nope, you're not crazy or sick - you're normal and logical. I feel the same way as you, but probably for different reasons. Long/short, Chris Dorner is not crazy, demented or sick. He's pissed and for good reason: the LAPD is as corrupt as they get. Lets face it, most police departments are corrupt. While people are in shock and surprised about what happened, I'm more surprised that it took this long. Law enforcement in general has been doing what they did to Dorner forever. Only this time, they screwed with the wrong person. This time, the chose to screw with a highly intelligent, highly disciplined, and motivated individual. In short they picked the wrong guy.

    He's not crazy. If he was, with his training, intelligence, discipline and assumed cache of weapons, he could've made Sandy Hook look like childs play. He could've made the mall shooting in Portland appear like a walk in the park. But, he didn't. Instead he's chosen to effectively toy with Law Enforcement to make them look stupid. He's succeeding.

    Chris Dorner is all of us. Chris Dorner tried to do right in a corrupt environment and got burned. Only he reacted how many think about reacting, yet never act on those thoughts. While I vehemently am opposed to how he's responded, I understand his anger. We all do, we're just afraid to admit it.

  5. Iam with the brother. This attitude still is here even with a black president on top. It foolish acts like this to make change in some people attitudes.

  6. I believe his injustice has sent a clear message to the law enforcement community. Thank You Mr. Dorner for your sacrafice, God Bless