Monday, January 14, 2013

In light of his reputation, Eric Clapton sucks donkey balls.

I've been listening to and seeing Eric Clapton my entire life. Throughout, I've held him in high esteem. However, I did so because everyone, everywhere said he was a guitar wizard. I mean, there was grafitti in london saying, "Clapton is God" sure he was pretty rockus in Cream, but for the most part, save a handful of admittedly great songs, he was a pretty lackluster guitarist. On the other hand, the reason I'm writting this is to give him props.a few yeas ago,a Hendrix tribute album came out called "Stone FreeN. Clapton did Stone Free as his contribution. He did a good job,but he stepped out of himself and delivered a powerfful solo, well above his usual level. Nice work Eric, if you were ever going to play up to your reputationthis was a good time and you did. Thanks E.

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