Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gun Control? Really? O.K., lets go with, "You NIMRODS!!!" this time...

Gun Control.  I'll be short and to the point; you know... like a handgun.  Gun control will keep guns out of the hands of ONE group of people - average, law-abiding citizens.
The issue is long over.  We bought into the gun thing LOOOONG ago.  Firearm distribution in the U.S. is so vast there's little reason to even discuss the issue.  The people who REALLY want guns AND are most likely to USE THEM ON PEOPLE (psychos and stupid criminals) will be able to easily obtain guns under the strictest of gun control policies, and they forever will.  There are too many guns out there already, so just fuckin' get over it.

Really??? You don't think BJ, the career drug dealer won't be able to carry his Glock 9mm because you can't buy them without an extensive, 2 month long background check?  If you're even considering arguing about this, go fuck yourself.

Furthermore, it contributes population control.

Lincoln, Kennedy, King, Lennon, etc. all would still have been killed by guns.  The powers that be will always be armed.  Don't just lie down for them; I don't care if they give you a doggy treat or not.

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