Friday, September 07, 2012

GOD BLESS IT! Californian Retards!!!

In California, I cannot marry the man I love and have been having butt sex with for 20 years.  Why not?  California is the bastion of hippies, free love, and open minds!!!  NOT.  Apparently, a well crafted, $20 million dollar, Mormon ad campaign can turn liberal eyes - conservative.  AND on an issue that has no place in politics to begin with.  Damn we suck sometimes. (Note: this is entirely based on my under-informed, barely researched at all, staunch opinion.)  So, how did they turn the hippie state on it's ear?  Well, Blockbuster and In-n-Out have done pretty well for them over the years.  But what's got my panties all in a bunch is the fact that THEY DON'T PAY TAXES.  If you can pump $20 million into political propaganda, you have to be equally vested in the political system.  TAX THESE FUCKERS!  Tax the Mormon Church, the Protestant Church, the Catholic, the Jewish (Hebrew?) Church, the PsychoCult Church...  Tax all of them just like anybody else.  Don't tax them more than others, just have them pay their fair share.  THEN and only THEN, should they be allowed to get involved in the political process.  Considering the holdings of the major churches, I bet we'd see Federal revenue get a nice kick in the pants, Mister!  and fucking over all the fags in California could at least sort of be considered fair game.  What a cluster fuck of retards this whole issue is.  First you have the voting citizens of California...  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?  NO on same sex marriage?!?!?  It's not like the goddamn churches have to recognize the goddamn marriages!!!!  It's just the secular portion of marriage we're talking about.  DUH!!!!  Every goddamn church still retains the right to say, "Go fuck yourselves, fags and dikes!  You're not welcome here!  We do not recognize your 'marriage' of sin and evil!  You will be shun from Heaven and burn in the pits of Hell for eternity as payment for your foul ways!!!"  So yeah, doing the obvious right thing just couldn't be done.  RETARDS.  Now lets look at our Mormons.  Retards!  1. Get the fuck out of politics till you've paid your way.  2. Are you STUPID?!?!?  Read your history!  Read your Book of Mormon!  Your religion is a giant con.  A scam.  A hustle.  And if  you can't see that, then...   YOU'RE FUCKING RETARDED!  I guess it makes some sense actually, if you can sell people on Mormonism, you can probably make a convincing argument against homosexual marriages or just about anything

Someday, god is gonna smote you motherfuckers.  

Oh yeah, and don't forget to double tax the Jews ...just because they're Jews. 
(for the quick to offense, that's a joke. Ya know? Ha Ha Ha?)

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  1. When did "Retard" become my favorite word? I'm frikin retarded.