Monday, September 24, 2012

An Ignorant Bigot's Dream...

Imagine humanity after some good ol' American ethnic cleansing...

1. Ace the niggers.  Should be fairly easy.  After all they ARE BLACK.  Not too tough to point out.
2. Kill the Jews.  That's right, those f'in Jews.  Why?  Because they're Jews idiot!
3. Fags. We don't even have to kill them - they don't reproduce. But... ?  Then why are they still here?

If nothing else, the resulting America will:

1. Have NO sense of humor - note that these coincidentally are the 3 FUNNIEST segments of society.
      - Blacks - Stand up comedy kings.
      - Jews & Gays - Movie & Television Comedy Writing Gods respectively (since Blacks can't write.)

2. Say "Goodbye" to the slam dunk contest.  Hope you like half speed lay-ups and badminton.

3. Style, design, homes, and interior design in general shall develop an erie resemblance to dorm-rooms.


- With all the Blacks and Jews gone, who the fuck is going to star in all the gay porn?!?!?!

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