Saturday, July 31, 2010

Please apply the "Golden Rule" people...

I was just checking out and the 91,000 military documents recording the events in Afghanistan over the last 6 years or so. There was a map with pointers showing the locations of the military actions referred to in the documents. I was surprised to see how completely we've blanketed the country. The distribution of activity was more like I would expect in Iraq, not the "side skirmish" in Afghanistan.

This new perspective in hand, I looked at how the overall region appears. Basically, we've surrounded Iran with full scale military actions i.e. Wars. Imagine if Iran felt it had reason to flat-out occupy Canada and fully engaged it's military with the drug cartels in Mexico. And just to be thorough, took a generally aggressive and threatening stance towards the U.S. Do you think we might have something to say about that? Take a minute to really imagine an anti-U.S. country, taking over Canada and Mexico, and us being expected to sit here quietly and be obedient.

Is it me or do I smell a touch of hypocrisy?



  1. First of all, "blanketed" it with what? and secondly, what do these reports have to say regarding what has gone on over the past 6 years and what else has been done since then in addressing any issues encountered during that time?

  2. Blanketed the country with military actions. This is clearly indicated by my not beginning a new paragraph (which means my general subject matter is continuous). Furthermore, within a paragraph, one links sentences via subjects and/or objects. Thus if you find either of those vague (as in this sentence), simply look to the previous sentence.

    As far as the additional content of the documents, it is up to you to do that research yourself. I'm not trying to provide a summary about Afghanistan, I was setting the stage for a discussion of Iran and equal treatment.