Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A different take on Barak's most recent "Vegas Slur"

So the mayor went all up in arms, calling Barak a dummy, etc... that he "has it in for Vegas" or was it "has a thing for Vegas". Either way, the same message. How bout we step Barak for a second and consider this matter with a tad more marketing sophistication.

When Barak said, you "shouldn't go blow a bunch of money on a weekend in Vegas" (or whatever he specifically said) there was no doubt who he was talking to. He had stated it clearly - the person/family trying to put away money for a child's college fund. People currently fighting to stay afloat. People who have to save specifically for their child's higher education, i.e. people who otherwise won't have the money when the time comes. These aren't the people who fuel our city and industry. These aren't what are generally called "successful" people. Bankers from New York, attorneys from L.A., doctors form Marin, foreigners from everywhere... THESE are who feed us. SUCCESSFUL people feed us. RICH people feed us. THESE are the people who Barak CLEARLY was NOT speaking to. Basically, Barak just labeled "taking a weekend in Vegas and blowing a bunch of money" a SYMBOL OF SUCCESS... GET IT?!?!?!?!

I hope our mayor also has enough savvy (which he likely does) to give Barak a "Thank you" in the back room, off-camera.

If not, "THANKS BARAK! Keep sending us ALL the "winners"!"

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