Friday, March 20, 2009

The Ace of Spades

Since 2003, I've been cruising around, occasionally touting that I intended to be the first "White Black Leader". After a short uncomfortable chuckle, an agreeable nod, and a questioning look, people tend to ask some version of, "Why?" My answer is...

The black community is the single most powerful and effective force in the U.S. when it comes to uprooting and altering the status quo. "Why?" again may be the response. 1. Culture - black-american culture is passionate and more unified than most. When they believe in something, you hear about it. And you hear about it again, but a little louder. Then, you hear about it again. And again... 2. The 'Race Card' - Like it or not, Obama or not, the Race Card exists and it is still strong. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go look it up, knuckle-head. 3. White envy - And in many ways too. Physically, (and yes I'm making bullshit generalizations - get over it) they are stronger, faster, bigger, and well... better. They have greater charisma and sharper sense of humor. Richard Pyor, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapelle, and that guy over at the Speedee Mart. Yeah, you could make a comparable cracker list, but stop kidding yourself. They just have too much fun and laugh too much - even when basically, life sucks. Last, but not least, you CANNOT forget... ...those dicks and butts! 4. White fear - they're bigger, stronger, faster, louder, passionate, and generally have good reason to be pissed the fuck off - AND often, they just don't give a fuck. So hell yeah, lots of them white folk are INTIMIDATED and downright afraid. In fact, a few of them absolutely should be... 5. Covert Culture - for reasons explained elsewhere, black culture has a secretive, exclusionary, and elitist component (at least from the perspective of the average white person). This is handy when your opponent is the US government. Also, it's tough to see the dark ones at night. And so on, and so on...

So yeah, part of the American Evolution is riling up the sleeping black community - and yes, they're still sleeping... lazy fucks. The Revolution definitely needs an afternoon start time.  And as much as black america can promote, a lack of support from them can have devastating effects on a movement as well.

Take important note here that I'm speaking as if one could place the black community on their coffee table. Like I could point a finger at it... like it even really exists - actually, it almost does - but nonetheless, it doesn't. Exaggerating mild racial contrast is just a tool for analysis - it is not real. In fact the separatist perspective I take above is one of the primary opponents of the American Evolution. So take a good handful of salt when judging my words...

Right now, it's the 2009, World Order of Poker. The Globalists (G's)and the Evolutionaries (E's) are all that remain (and YES we're playing 5 card stud). The G's hold Kc, Kd, Qd, Qs. The E's have Ah, Ac, Jh, Jd. Everyone's all-in.
The G's, for their final card, have just drawn the King of Spades - Barack Obama. President Obama, just like every president since god knows when, was picked. He is a pacifier, stuck in the mouth of the most dangerous group in the U.S. At times during 2008, the people of the U.S. were on the edge. People were gettin' mad and you could feel the wave building up. ...POP! the needle dick of Obama bursts the bubble of tension, passion, and power. The black community sits back, in fact most of America sits back. LOOK! We've elected a black president!!! A people's president!

We've elected nothing. We have taken the bait. Obama is the vehicle to take over Africa (back from China that is) and is a genius play of the Race Card right back on those who normally wield it. All they need is a few more years and they may be unstoppable (in the short term).

But all is not lost. The thing is, we need to take the fight above kings and queens, above government. We need to evolve to the next level. We have got to pull the Ace of Spades.

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