Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rethinking the black American situation

It's time to try and find an new approach to the some of the obvious challenges facing the black American community. So here it is...

Our nation's jail/prison/penitentiary system is inundated with black men. Generally, I think it's safe to say that is a problem. The next question? Why. Here we get the list of psycho-social factors, combining to label them as "an at-risk population. Some of the factors are: fatherless home, poor education, violent punishment, lack of opportunity, and so on...
Well that's all fine and good, but none of these factors are particularly new ideas. We've had YEARS to employ these insights to make a better world and give black Americans the equal opportunities afforded other groups of Americans. Yet what results do we get? Take a tour of a prison and you'll see how well we've done.

So what's the deal? This may sound rather mundane, but the problem is THEY'RE BROKE. They are poor. They don't need a Rec. Center, they need money. ...and lots of it. Give them a bunch of cash. In fact do it for all the broke ass shit heads out there, regardless of race, gender, whatever... give them money. I don't know, like $10k each or something. AND a REQUIRED money management seminar. Yes, a lot of people will blow their 10k in a week and be right back where they were. Good. Fuck 'em. They've had their chance. They blew it. That was their choice. Hopefully they can be happy. But one thing must be accepted - maybe as a condition to receive the grant? - you are no longer a responsibility of the government. No food stamps, no welfare, no gov't assistance. Now that doesn't eliminate private charities, but that's up to them. hmm... give the money to them already deposited in a complimentary bank account... yeah, I like that. Understand though that while the bank account is there and they're required to take that class, that's exactly it. The money is theirs. To do with as they please.
So there you have it.

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