Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why Black Folks Loved Bill (not Hilary)

This isn't a long post. Bill Clinton won the black community's vote by doing a few very simple things. He showed he had an Able and Creative Soul by playing the saxophone. That is often skimmed or ignored, but playing sax live on t.v. connected him to the black community as a 'real person'. Second, he got a BJ in the oval office from a younger, white chick. He just earned the respect of the black male community. And lastly, he admitted to smokin weed. Just another bit of evidence that he was a real person.
Say what you will, but it was these 'side stream' behaviors that served as evidence to the black community (in general - im sure there are plenty of individual exceptions) that Bill Clinton wasn't just another rich, political cracker. Or he was at least less of one than the previous 50 or so choices they've had for president (except JFK).
Now turn to Hilary... zero. She is nothing but a tight-ass cracker bitch. No soul. No charisma. No swing. No style to her attitude - at least none that seems genuine. Tight-ass cracker bia. End of post.

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