Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Letters of the ALPHAbet

A - apple - knowledge
A - adam - 1st man
A - a - 1st letter of ALPHAbet
A - A - peak of pyramid. pyramid with eye
A - universal designator of nouns (a ball)
A - Abraham, Amazing, Art, Again, Alert, Able, ALL.
A - like noun idea, universal directional - AT. Which happens to be completed by T. i.e. TO, TOO, TWO.

Maybe it's Alpha, Beta, Theta, Gamma? or Alpha, Theta, Beta, Gamma?
Two approaches: In the Axiom Download, one line was "3 is a B". OR
Theta fits Three very easily. And it is called the AlphBet...
But then again, "3 is a B" came straight from the man?
... Since this time I've discovered it is Alpha, Beta, Gamma, ... so, how is "3 a B"

I can = I am able. can and able. cain and able.

A = 4 = sided pyramid.

"A" minus "/" equals "4"


  1. Is it possible that 2 should not be considered prime, therefore 3 would be the 2nd true number/dimension thus aligning with B in the alphabet?