Thursday, February 21, 2008

I cant imagine...

how our vets feel. Courageously sacrificing their lives and bodies (e.g. say some guy now with no legs) for a lie. For the personal profit of an elite few. Oh how I would burn with anger at our politicians for abusing my loyalty and allowing the atrocities to occur and killing my friends.
Ah, what I'm saying is this,

"To the vets of the Iraq War,
Particularly on behalf of myself, but likely I'm speaking for most of the nation, 'We're sorry.' Your sacrifice came about as the result of our complacency, and in the name of what was later found to be an unjust cause. We are sorry. I hope you can find a spot in you heart for our forgiveness, and I hope someone realizes the life of leisure the severely wounded deserve and gives it to them/you.


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