Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Graphic Representation a Multi-Dimensional Reality

The GeoAnswer to the BIG question... dimensionwise at least...

I think i've finally gotten the geometric answer to multidimensional reality (well I can extrapolate to 7. 11 is still a little beyond my grasp).
I'll edit in the graphic here in a short while...
be excited! I am!

A Graphic Representation a Multi-Dimensional Reality:

There's more to this, but I'll have to add it later. I'm just not into writing currently, nor drawing, but i have three more levels to add, including some interesting stuff relatedt to the aliens called "greys" and also some good stuff on gamma rays. Some fresh crop circle stuff coming too...


  1. There is no geometric answer to the multi-dimensional reality that we as human beings can imagine or conceptualize it is purely mathematics. Also the resemblance in your drawing is clearly a conscious effort to make it seem like more than it really is. If you studied some fundamental graph theory you would know that the position of points in the graph can be arbitrary so long as lines connecting the points still connect the same points. Ridiculous. QED

  2. It has to be geometric in nature, because geometry (the concepts contained therein) is the only set of fundamental axiom, that can hold up beyond our sensory make up and allow for as of yet, undefined perception. This is all about communication with beings (were they to exist y/n?) that may be dramatically different from anything we've experienced or conceived of (incl. cross dimensional). Anyway, DUH!, yeah, there's quite a bit of nonsensical, loosely reasoned, moronic, coincidental, and meaningless bullshit brought up in the picture. Have a little imagination and fun for Crucified Guy's sake!.
    Lastly, why bother pointing out that labels are arbitrary (particularly on graphs?). What is it you're trying to condescend to?