Saturday, January 26, 2008

But Mom?!?! I don't wanna write!

I was gonna scribble something quick and short, but now I can't remember what it was... ?
Oh yeah! The nature of the plan underlying our gov'ts financial insanity.
If you haven't noticed, the US gov't under Mr. Bush has blown off the doors of debt. I don't recall the exact number off hand and am too tired to go look em up, but suffice to say we've reached new levels in the high trillions, etc., etc... you know, realistically speaking, I don't think my little brain can accurately conceive how large the number 10,000,000 actually is. Much less 100 million. Or 1 trillion. How bout 10 trillion? I recall 70 trillion being involved in our financial situation. I don't remember what it was, but the fact that the number is being used in the same paragraph as the word "debt" is very bad news.
It's fairly obvious to me that the Bush Administration has reason to believe that we're not going to be paying back the debt we're accumulating. I think it's reasonable to conclude that we're never going to pay off any significant portion of our nations debt.
That said, I ask, "How can we do that?" Well, I think the collapse of our current financial system/currency will probably be a key element. Continuing that line of reasoning... so the dollar's worthless. We're fucked. But wait! our innovative thinking leaders have a solution: make a new currency but base it on the physical assetts of not just the US (which has already failed), but include canada and mexico too ... i.e. the Amero and the North American Union. I think it's time to really take these allegations and rumors seriously. They're setting up a series of events which conclude with the American people actually begging for the NAU and the Amero.
I feel so dirty... so used... ewe...

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