Monday, August 13, 2007

You lucky sonofabitch!

That's right lucky. In fact it's likely that humans (maybe life in general?) are actually an experiment, attempting to create a "lucky" life form. The chances of any specific pregnancy happening are virtually 0. Consider the number of ejaculations that the particualr sperm must avoid. Then once he's (sorry ladies 'he' is just easier) in a launch group, hopefully he not gonna end up in one of those rubber balloons, or end up roasting in a drop of spermicide. So this lucky guy ends up actually running a real "race". Woosh! He's lauched. Now, his sense of direction is poor at best so he'll once again be lucky to even be going kinda at the target. Also halfway through the race, he has to also be lucky enought to have been shot right directly through a pin hole vulva (cause if you gotta find it on your own, the race will have ended hours before you get even close to the finish line). So, ZOOM!! Through the hole he goes. What are the chances?!?!?!?! now, he's got to be lucky enough to run head-smack on into this little tiny marble, floating somewhere in a 30 ft deep, empty, zero gravity, olympic size swimming pool. And just to make sure he's lucky, he has to do it first, among MILLIONS (I think?) of others in his lauch group. That's one lucky little mofo!

Now don't forget, he has to be lucky enough to survive, hook up with a female on the right day, unprotected and the lucky sperm selection begins again. Now do this over and over, for thousands, even millions of years. If you don't make a lucky person, then you have no place even speaking the word.

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