Friday, August 24, 2007

What's the deal with Dubai? Well, ...

Well, if one assumes the concept that we're done here. We've over run the planet. Like prairie dogs in which ever state they're in, the environment can not sustain our continuing expansion. If we stay here we're gonna leave the planet uninhabitable by even the natives. Nothing but our mutated by-product will remain. Nope, it's time we pull out. That's what's comming in 5 or so years. That's why bush and the US gov't could give a shit about the amount of money they're printing and what it would ultimately do to the economy.

Because there is no future. The "new world order" will be a much less populated (possibly none of us? or probably some but not nearly so many) non-tech world. Basically humans as new comers will start over again. A good portion of us are going to be whisked away to a new planet (i assume) to continue on. So what does that have to do with Dubai?

Every Culture leaves behind it's legacy - some record of it's great accomplishments. They seek to leave something to show how far they advanced. It's for this reason we find these engineering marvels - that's what they were intended to be - basically they wanted to say, "ha ha, look what we did without ever tapping electricity as a source of power. ha ha" - Greek ruins, Mayan ruins, Chinese ruins, stone henge, Egyptian insanities, etc... Dubai is going to be one of ours - world islands, that crazy hotel, and most notably, the palms. look into these things if you haven't seen them. So, we and the oil czars of the middle east are just blowing cash cause we/they got it, and it ain't gonna be worth the paper it's printed on in about 5 years. The concept of ownership and money is a human/earth concept. And really a pretty naive way to set up your culture/world. but whatever. point is, Dubai is a final creative push so that it wont be so obvious all we cared about was money and lived lives directed mostly by fear. fact is, we were kinda lame. primarily with the world islands and the palms, and probably mount Rushmore and the great wall, we hope to look like great innovators and capable of "magic" basically - like those who made the pyramids, stone henge, We created a temporary world and not much is going to last over the eons. maybe the world islands and the palms will?
Correction, much will last. It just won't carry much beauty. Bent steel and so forth. Earthly creations maintain their character over 20,000 years (i would think).

hmmm. you know, Haliburton moved to Dubai. maybe locales with our markers of existence are the places the outsiders will be attracted to simply because they look interesting and show advanced thought. And from there pick up whoever they're picking up? who knows..

it's all just pattern recognition in the end. i have no real reason beyond that to even consider this craziness.

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