Friday, June 22, 2007


Indeed we did win. As you'll soon see, that's the problem. The US military is still rooted in the traditional format. Think of it like chess - you advance on your opponent. You wipe out as much of his military strength as you can while shielding you intentions in order to make the fatal blow: Disposing of the King. Now, the board is all yours. Well, that's exactly what we did. Now what? When you take over a country, in the past, that's what you did. YOU run the country, YOU provide security, YOU tax the people :-) Instead, we took over the country and the tried to hand off the hot potato. Potato aside, our troops have no mission. They arent in motion. Military success is generally measured by distance. We're not moving. Iraq is such a gut wrenching mess for our troops because, they arent trained to function under seigh. They attack (that's what all those weapons are for). Instead, i get this image of some movie? I see a person or maybe an animal (it's animated) swatting at things much smaller than him, as they tease him zooming by delivering a quick sting and away. Evermore frantically, the large fellow just continues to ineffectively swat and spin until he falls to the floor. Duh, I'm can be rather dense at times... The US army is King Kong. And if we stay up on top of the Empire Iraq Building much longer, we're gonna take that looooooooong fall to the concrete.

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