Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another unfinished essay, rotting as a Draft

In 1982, an innocent little blond girl stated, "They're here..." She was partially correct, they are here. Except that it's not a "they". We are here. We're everywhere. All over ATS, at the supermarket, at the carneceria, on the corner, the liquor store, in the classroom, everywhere. Beyond our humanity "we" all have one thing in common; we've noticed that there is more going on here. Much more.

Clearly, the world is dividing into the haves and the HAVE NOTS; and probably has been from the beginning. I call this hoarding. Hoarding is the result of fear. Fear of becomming a have not and suffering. Though we still function in this manner, it has become obsolete. There is no longer a scarcity of resources. There's enough for everyone (for now (1)). The problem is a matter of distribution and the will of the haves.

Whether or not there is a formal, on-going cabal conducting world wide events, or if it appears that way as an exaggerated metaphor our "pattern regcognizing" subconscious mind is using to illustrate the forces created by out current organization as a species [breath], or option 'C', the functional result is the same: Fear. stratification, hate, oppression, and ultimately, cultural collapse/revolution. This is our response to the gift of existance. Retarded. The end game, the revolution is the weak link. The word is exactly appropriate. At that point, we revolve. We initiate another cycle of fear and pain. Revolving, 'round and 'round we go, at each critical period, we elect revolution. We do so, primarily for lack of options.

We now have an alternative to revolution...

Fewer than 10 men (2) provided the key discoveries which lead to the modern applications of electricity. Recall, we're ultimately talking about basic resources; and by that i mean sufficient food, housing, and emergency/crisis preparednes (which implies health care). All three of these areas have been successfully addressed (mostly) since the dawn of human kind and are far from having any sort of dependence on electricity. What's the big deal with electricity? Efficiency (3).


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