Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So You Want To Know The Truth, eh?

The truth is that, yes, we are the aliens. The inside of our bodies does not look the way we think it does. We, along with the physical bodies we think/thought are complete have another physical component. We are full of incredibly thin black fibers, Roughly a centimeter+ in length, virtually immeasurable in width, they flow easily throughout our bodies, through the walls of our organs. The collective existence of these fibers are what give us our consciousness, our distinctive self awareness, our creativity. What places humans in the likeness of god is our ability to be individually & originally creative; as many a jerk-off would say, "to think outside the box."
We first must realize that the box is smaller than we realize. Self-awareness does exist inside the box. Animals are not stupid. If anything, we are the one's being stupid. Animals, your pets even, try to communicate with you all the time. But you just sit there and talk to them... THEY CAN'T TALK! In fact they sense, experience, and think a bit differently than we do, but they know they're alive. They know they exist. When they acknowledge your existence by looking you in the eye, they're usually trying to communicate with you. You're just too dense to figure it out. Anyway, other living things live inside the box. They're complete. They're satisfied. As species they'll adapt as their environment changes, but as a general rule, they're not having many big breakthroughs, changing the face of their way of life almost over night. We are not home yet. Therefore we have that creative ability that sets us apart. We're collectively figuring out how to get to our next destination; to the next step towards home.
So, you cut open your arm on a nail sticking out from a wall. Why aren't bajillions of these little, thin, black threads (threads' from here on) pouring out of the cut? I still have two possible answers. I'll give you my best guess for now. As you'll come to see, we are inter-dimensional beings. The threads are in four dimensions. Exposure to air is fatal. That is, exposure to Three dimensional space is fatal. If you suddenly lost all your width, you'd probably die, right?

Gotta make a phone call. I'll try to get back to this later...

Notes on where this is going:

threads attraction to alcohol
gorging? Lose a dimension...
die perhaps - come to exist in the 3 dimensional reality...
as the three dimensional world "attacks" they flee.
stop the bleeding
the remainder turn into thin black/red threads / mixed with blood.
next time u r actively bleeding...
pupils are sensing our next step on the path.
we are becoming light
virtual reality is to develop into the next step
light is two dimensional space
that's why television is so captivating.
we are creating a two dimensional space for us to exist in and we will exist there in a likeness of ourselves. Example - SOCOM. We too are created in the image of god, in the likeness of our 4 dimensional selves - we are the creator, we are god.

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